Look Good, Pay less

When we hear the word fashion, most people think that it is only for the rich. It is only applicable to people who are privileged enough to style themselves. We cannot blame this kind of mindset. Why? Because in the society we are living in, fashion makes us look extravagant. In the fashion industry, branded clothes play an important role. You can tell if someone is rich or not just by looking at the brand they are wearing. Fashion has something to do with our status in life. And that is the reality. The more you look good, dress well, and have a good quality of clothes make people think that you are fortunate in life.


What if you are not that rich? What if you cannot buy branded clothes? And what if you are the kind of person that loves saving money? Can you also be a fashionista? Of course, you can. We all know that money plays an important role in our lives. Admit it, more than love, it makes the world go round. It is the definition of our status in society. The more money we have, the more privileged we are.


Some people love dressing up but do not have enough money to buy popular brands of clothes. Some people love dressing up, but they end up choosing cheap clothes because they do not want to spend more. And some people love dressing up but do not know where to find cheap, yet good quality clothes. My goal is to let people know that we can be fashionable even if we are not rich. Even if we do not want to spend too much money on clothes, we can still look good. And even if we like saving for the future, we can also style ourselves to look better.


I watched a vlog on YouTube, and one artist said that being a fashionista is expensive. Yes, it is. Being a fashionista is expensive if you love to go with the trend, if you love to buy extravagant clothes, and if you want to show yourself through expensive outfits. But do you know that styling yourself is more than that? You can look good and pay less. You can also style yourself better through cheap clothes. And I think that it is very important to be resourceful and save money when it comes to clothing.


I am providing ways to look good without spending too much money.


  1. Know your fit. It is important to know which clothes fit your body. Why? Because there are stores that when you buy items, you cannot return them. You might as well know your fit so that you will wear it whenever you buy your clothes.


  1. Be resourceful. Do not get rid of your old clothes if you know that you can still use them. Try to recycle those used clothes by embroidering them to make them look as good as new. In that way, you can save money.


  1. Search for favorite and comfortable styles. Wearing clothes that are matched to ourselves gives us comfort. If you want to save money, search for your favorite outfits before buying them.


  1. Budget your money. When buying clothes, you have to budget your money. Not because the clothes look that beautiful that you must buy those too. You have to pace yourself. How much do you spend on clothes? Think about the advantages and disadvantages before buying clothes. This is very important because spending money on clothes requires discipline and responsibility.


  1. Look for cheap stores. Whether conducting a physical shop or online shop, always look for a cheap store where you can buy clothes. These stores will help you save money and will offer you choices. Most of the clothes are second-hand clothes, but you can search for good ones. They also have second-hand branded clothes. These shops are sometimes small businesses. By buying them, you are already making a difference. There are a lot of these cheap clothes shops everywhere. If you don’t have access to any, you do not have to go to expensive shops to buy good quality clothes to style yourself. We have choices. Personally, I love to go to them rather than shopping at branded shops.


Fashion is our statement. I love buying clothes, and I prefer the cheap ones because those make me responsible and wiser. We have a lot of things to spend money on. So, look good by spending less. Help yourself because fashion is for everyone, not only for the rich.