Men Who Lead the Fashion Way

Change is constant, most especially in the world of fashion. Brand founders, designers, photographers, models, and other individuals in the fashion business are all dedicating their talents to bring as well as exciting creations to the runway each time. Women dominate fashion because few men opt to have a career in this business; however, these gentlemen rocked the style scene as well as influenced the world of fashion eternally.

Ralph Lauren

This is considered one of the most popular brands in the world of fashion. This is also considered a foundation of fashion. This American brand is renowned for its fragrances and Polo line. Ralph Lauren was always dedicated to looking sharp because he works while still a student to purchase expensive garments. In the year 1967, Ralph designed colorful and wide ties, which quickly became popular. Shortly after, he launched Polo fashions, a clothing line for women and men alike. He also popularized the Polo shirt with short sleeves and a collar that is a staple for women’s and men’s wardrobes up until now.

René Lacoste

This brand is renowned for its crocodile logo polo shirts, traditional sportswear that is still very popular now. Rene was a champion player. During his time, women’s tennis white was the norm; he made his uniform, a short sleeve polo shirt made of high-quality cotton fabric accentuated with a crocodile logo on the chest. When he retired from playing tennis, he started marketing his polo shirts that were eventually presented to the upscale golf market. His polo shirts became famous all over the world in the year 1970s and 1980s.

Christian Dior

Christian is named the founder of the top luxury houses in the world. He was a designer from France and popularized the New Look line, which regimented World War II fashion styles. Dior was a style dictator making voluptuous styles on dresses and flaring them out from the waist to emphasize women’s body figures. His masterpiece revolutionized dresses for women and reestablished Paris as the fashion capital of the world.


He ran a renowned fashion empire that made luxury accessories, apparel, home furnishings, fragrances, and cosmetics. His brand was well-known for its exciting styles, with clothes marked by bold shades, sex appeal, and daring cuts. No doubt artists like Bruno Mars wish it taken off. He was a friend to many celebrities, singers, and royalties such as Princess Diana, Madonna, Sting, Cher, Eric Clapton, etc., and dressing them with his brand.

Christian Louboutin 

His shoes are easily recognizable as of their red soles trademark. Parisian designer and shoemaker Louboutin is renowned for making evening wear stilettos with decorations ideal for stepping on the red carpet. Christian shoes are shiny, stating that the user has good taste in fashion. His dream is to make every woman stunning, sexy and make her legs look as long as she can.

Giorgio Armani

He is considered one of the most thriven tycoons who worked his way up to the peak. He began his career in the fashion world as a window dresser for department stores and eventually launched a company that caters to menswear. However, in year 1980s, he redefined the suit for women and men to make it comfortable as well as flexible. Also, he is credited for leading the red carpet fashion.

Valentino Garavanis

Everyone is familiar with Valentino due to his renowned red evening dress. His designs are typically made with comfortable materials to meet the needs of notable fans and people of the haute couture label. Some of the most famous celebrities using Valentino creations include Gwyneth Paltrow, Jacky Kennedy, Julia Roberts, Princess Margaret, and Elizabeth Taylor. All these artists and famous individuals have “Valentino red” dresses. He is also renowned for making wedding dresses that are exquisite as well as memorable.

Tyson Beckford

Tyson is renowned as a model for Polo by Ralph Lauren. He was the most successful and popular male supermodel. He also worked for Calvin Klein, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger as well as Herb Ritts. He successfully crossed over to the world of entertainment with his TV hosting and acting skills. One memorable appearance of Tyson was in the Toxic music video of Britney Spears.