Can I Become Fit with Only Low-Intensity Workouts?

All fitness experts will tell you the same thing: exercise is the key to any healthy lifestyle. But many people simply do not have the time or money to devote to gruelling workouts at the gym. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get the exercise you need and keep your body in tip-top shape. One of the easiest ways to exercise without getting too sweaty is to do simple, no-equipment workouts at home. And even better? Anyone can do them.

Exercise is good for you. That is all there is to it! As we said, it is good for you. But it is also hard. It requires you to get up off your couch and move, which can be pretty tough. It is not impossible, though, and one way to make it easier is to start exercising with shorter, less intense workouts.

Low Impact Exercise

Low impact exercise refers to any exercise that doesn’t place much stress on the joints. A general rule of thumb is to try to choose activities that place the least stress on your joints and muscles. If you have joint issues such as arthritis, then high-impact exercises like jogging or running are best avoided. Low impact exercises include swimming, walking, aerobics, and yoga.

  • Swimming – Swimming is a fantastic low-impact exercise that can help improve your overall health. Swimming can help you lose weight, reduce blood pressure, and help with arthritis. It would be a good idea to join a nearby club as soon as possible, considering the many benefits this activity offers. In addition, you may need to buy swimming equipment that can improve your technique, efficiency, and strength.

    If you have the backyard space for it, you might be interested in getting a pool installed there for greater convenience. This can not only give you more freedom but also enhance your daily fitness routine. A backyard pool provides a convenient and private space to incorporate swimming into your low-impact exercise regimen. That being said, keep in mind that if you do have a private pool, you should ensure that it is clean and well-maintained. You could look for a Florida pool service provider (if that’s where you are located) to get this task done.

  • Walking – First and foremost, walking is a safe form of exercise. Even on your own, walking is a safe activity to do. As more people who live a sedentary lifestyle become more active and minimize their risk for injury, walking has become more popular among older adults.

    Walking is low impact, meaning it doesn’t place any stress on your bones, joints, and ligaments. And unlike running, walking does not require any special equipment.

  • Aerobics – Aerobics, also known as cardio, is an exercise that raises your heart rate. It puts your heart and lungs to work and builds endurance. In general, it is recommended you do at least 150 minutes of aerobic activity at moderate intensity each week (and 75 minutes of aerobic activity at vigorous intensity each week).

    Still, you do not need to meet those requirements to reap the benefits of aerobic exercise. In fact, most studies suggest even 30 minutes per week of physical activity is enough to be beneficial for heart health.

  • Yoga – Yoga is one of the best forms of low-impact exercise. It is a low impact because it doesn’t require high-impact machinery or strenuous exertion.

    Yoga also often results in weight loss because of the aforementioned fact that yoga is low impact. But yoga is not the only form of low-impact exercise that can help with weight loss.

Listening to your body is a great way to reward yourself for working out. Most forms of exercise allow you to customize it, so high-intensity workouts are not your only option. Low-intensity workouts are also a great way to exercise without putting stress on your body.

Many people who struggle with obesity or are overweight have absolutely zero interest in working out. They recognize that exercise is a healthy habit and that taking that first step to getting rid of excess body fat is the hardest part. But the fact is, it does not have to be that hard.

You have probably seen some insanely toned, lean physiques at CrossFit or in fitness magazines, and they’ve got you inspired to start improving your fitness level, but you also don’t want to spend all your time at the gym. So, should you stick with low-key training, or should you consider picking up a more intense workout? The answer is yes; you can become fit with low-intensity workouts that target all the major muscle groups but do not expect to look like those high-octane bodybuilders you see at the gym.

When it comes to fitness, “low” does not always mean easy. Many articles claim that high-intensity workouts are more effective and result in better fitness gains, but is that true? Some people worry that if they lower their intensity too much, they will simply be wasting their time.

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